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The DEADLIFT Exercise Anatomy. Why this compound exercise when performed correctly can have such a massive impact on your body composition and muscle development!

The DEADLIFT Exercise Anatomy

The DEADLIFT Exercise Anatomy. By far one of BEST exercises you can do, no matter what your fitness goal

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ANATOMY OF A WORKOUT - CHEST Workout - beginners use a tricep dip machine or assisted dip until you've aquired strength to do unassisted dip

Lying leg curls

Leg Curls on a Prone Leg Curl machine. Do a set with heavy weight using both legs. Then immediately do a set with one leg (let the other leg hang) using a lighter weight. Work to fatigue.

Triceps kickbacks

Best triceps workouts for mass and definition Before talking about exercises for the triceps, to tell you a few things first on this muscles. First triceps has three heads: the lateral, medial and long (the highest). So you have to … Continued

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[Aporte]Se acerca el verano y querías estar en forma? Entra