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its that looks can kill face ;) The Walking Dead Season 3 Portraits - Daryl Dixon (actor Norman Reedus). Photo taken in 2012

Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead. I love this man. He cleans up WELL, even though he's just as sexy covered in dirt xD

Can I get in the middle of this?? And yes with Hershel too, he's too adorable ;-p

The Walking Dead finale smashes ratings records, again

Totally GUILTY!!!! How is it possible to still be so hot when it looks as if you haven't showered in weeks in Walking Dead?!?

See the Chaos Backstage at Fashion Week

Norman Reedus

"I don't want to be a zombie ever. I don't want to say goodbye to everybody. I will play Daryl Dixon until I'm 80 years old." - Norman Reedus (TV Guide) Don't you just love him

My favorites: Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun.

36 Photos Of Norman Reedus That Will Give You A Zombie Boner

norman reedus-those eyes!

He may or may not be one of the reasons i watch Walking Dead!) but serious if Daryl dies, we riot! Reedus is one of the main reasons i started watching at all!

norman reedus and andrew lincoln <3

Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln: their bromance is sweet! I love when guys can admit they love their friends!

Only Daryl can pull off being the guy wearing his own face on a t-shirt

It's Norman Reedus, wearing a shirt of himself in character as Daryl Dixon. Haha this is awesome :D