FMA - Maes Hughes, Roy Mustang

FMA - Maes Hughes, Roy Mustang

alphonse elric:  obsessed with cats    ~Aru!!!  By ~Aileine

alphonse elric: obsessed with cats ~Aru! By ~Aileine /(FMA)

Hughes and Mustang :'(

some Maes hugs for I was actually in bed when I got your ask but then I couldn’t sleep so…

Happy Father's Day! Roy quite enjoys having tea parties with his daughter, but Maya's not so happy he's drinking so much tea that there's not enough for the other guests. Oh! Me and *Toasty-Coconut...

Roy Mustang and his daughter (FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood).

Roy Mustang,The Flame Alchemist,Riza Hawkeye,Maes Hughes - Fullmetal Alchemist

Maes Hughes - Riza Hawkeye - Roy Mustang - Extermination of Ishval - Fullmetal Alchemist

May Chang and Alhponse

“ Alphonse-sama, I hope you get your body back really soon! ❤ ” I can’t believe I haven’t drawn this smol ray of sunshine digitally (or seriously, for that matter), also trying out a new style!

Edward really grew up during the series. :)

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