The Future of Flower Packaging | Linn Karlsson, Nina Kloss & Jonathan Jonsson

The future of flower packaging

The future of flower packaging by Linn Karlsson, Nina Klose, Jonathan Jonsson empaque para rosas

Flower packaging (School project) by Linnea Åkerberg. Source: Daily Package Design Inspiration. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging #design #structural

Flower packaging

Take Your Tunes on the Go With Intermono

Intermono is a Korean brand that specializes in creating unique wooden speakers. MINI is their newest line of speakers, and comes with fun packaging that features flat-style illustrations with a limited color palette.

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Frida, Cerveza Mexicana (con Elia Moliner) via Domestika curated by Packaging Diva PD. Eyebrows are allllll wrong, but love Frida

다양한모양의 꽃 포장상자는 꽃의 모양에따라 보다 안전하고 편한형태로 운반할수 있게 만들어준다.

A creative way to carry flowers. It seems easier and more efficient than the traditional plastic wrap.

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I don't know how expensive laser cutting would be but its a really nice and simple design feature Make the cut out into a card or ornament or something useful for after it's opened! looks like chocolate PD

باقات من قبل Blomrum التعبئة والتغليف على Behance برعاية التغليف المغنية PD.  الآن أريد أن أذهب الى هناك وشراء بعض الزهور التي تم إنشاؤها عن طريق

Bunches by Blomrum Packaging on Behance curated by Packaging Diva PD. Now I want to go out and buy some flowers.

Online Shop Packaging Basics - What You Need for Your Online Shop

Online Shop Packaging Basics: What You Need

Online Shop Packaging Basics - What You Need for Your Online Shop handmade kniting jewelry, bag decor and boho flowers

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Again, the way something is presented is what will catch someone's eyes. The folding of this card and the illusion of the bouquet of flowers is such a wonderful touch and something that can bring a simple card to life.