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Aurora borealis, Sona, Norway

The Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis is a type of aurora. There is another aurora that takes place on Earth; the Southern Lights also known as the Aurora Australis.

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A simple scientific combination of gasses from the sun, and charged particles from the earth’s core, come together until they hit each other and react, making these dancing beautiful lights.


Aurora Borealis - Northern Norway ~ can't even begin to explain how much I would love to see this someday! Bucket list for sure :-)

Polarlichter fotografieren in Schweden: 4-tägiger Foto-Workshop mit Polarlicht-Profi Peter Rosén. inkl. 2x Motorschlitten- und 1x Huskytour. Jetzt buchen!

Photo tours all year round focused on northern lights (Aurora borealis), wildlife and the midnightsun in Swedish Lapland.

Canada and Norway have seen some of the most spectacular activity this week    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2091117/The-midnight-phoenix-rises-Biggest-solar-storms-seven-years-create-spectacular-northern-lights.html#ixzz1kX3q5txi

The midnight phoenix rises: Biggest solar storms for seven years create spectacular northern lights

One of Discovery News' favorite photographs of the weekend was taken by Bjørn Jørgensen, showing an incredible explosion of color in the sky over Grøtfjord, near the North Norway city of Tromsø

Il Blog di 90° EST: Aurora boreale in Islanda, nuove immagini spettacolari

In this photo appears a dazzling green aurora over Jökulsárlón, the largest glacier lake in Iceland ( place in the "Beauty of the night" category by Stephane Vetter )

Northern Lights --Someday I am going to go to Alaska or Norway and stay there until I see some lights!!!

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011 shortlist – in pictures

Excited to Ground State, photo by Ole C Salomonsen for The Royal Observatory, UK. The aurora borealis over mountains in Ulsfjord, Norway

La solitude et la société

Another amazing Aurora sighting captured.

Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland is also home to a wonderful Santa's Resort, because they consider Lapland to be the home to Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus).   Here is the "Celebration House" for special events held under the Northern Lights. Fairy Tale like, isn't it?

Hotel Kakslauttanen Finland - Glass Igloos

Perfect place to see the Northern Lights- Hotel and Igloo Village Kakslauttanen-Finland The resort accommodation features 20 glass igloos, 40 log cabins, snow igloos, one honeymoon turfchamber and one traditional Lappish farmer log house.

Aurora in Norway

Aurora in Norway

See the Northern Lights

Aurora Australis - The Southern Lights How awesome would it be to see the Northern and the Southern?

Beautiful Northern lights Greenland image source image source image source The day in Greenland while a… by masyl

04 August 2012 Photo Of The DayCaption: Northern Norway Northern LightsImage Credit: HurtigrutenClick here to post your best or favorite photos and stand a chance to be featured here.

Northern Lights, Northern Norway -- definitely on my list of places to go.

«Астрономический фотограф года 2012» Лучшие работы конкурса : НОВОСТИ В ФОТОГРАФИЯХ

Earth and Space category runner-up: Green World by Arild Heitmann (Norway). The aurora borealis traces the shifting patterns of the Earth’s magnetic field, creating a spectacular midwinter show in.

Northern lights

Northern lights

watch auroras borealis in Nome, Alaska... Visit Alaska in General would be amazing!


see the aurora borealis in alaska