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"'Aggressive atheism' is really 'defensive atheism' because right now nothing is more aggressive than political religion. Being an atheist or a secularist today is no longer a matter of opting out, but of actively fending off.

Gangstalkers, too. People think the violence is just "everyone", but it's organized, the exact same methods are used on all targeted individuals around the world. After a while new stalker recruits take the ball and run with it, not really knowing what they've mindlessly joined.

The Difference between Cults and Religions The difference between a cult and religion in a cult there is a person at the top who knows it's a scam. In religion that person is dead.

What the Hell ?!?!?! ♠️

The creation of hell, thought this was interesting. One of the main (but not only) reasons I just can't be a christian I really don't buy into the whole hell thing. I don't like the idea of anyone suffering for eternity especially for petty reasons.

Starts with the constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state.

because this "Christian Nation" stuff really isn't working out that well.

Blog: the NonProphets

There is nothing wrong with being an atheist and I'm not going to be shamed any longer. People claim there is a war on religion but I feel more of a lack of respect from Christians because I don't share their beliefs.

If you've read the entire Bible and can say "God is Love", you're a very bad judge of character

very convenient...especially living in Utah!!! Look who runs the whole damn state - more do as I say not as I do!! As the sanctimonious, self-righteous white L DS majority dictate how the rest of us should live.

When religious people say homosexuality is a sin but """forget""" that divorce is considered, by the bible, twice worst than homosexuality. How convinient, hum?