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Σχετική εικόνα

When you spot a surreal beauty specifically including a decor from out of space, topped with. Here is why Trash Riot is in our Erotica - Flesh illustrated segment.


When the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars .then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars - House of Bohemian

Time to go inward, a place that has no words or photos--only a heartfelt experience. Mysticism doesn't show up well even through words--it can only be experienced. Mind your life with heart and pay attention to what is physically in front of you.  -The Daily Vibe with Laurissa Heller  https://www.facebook.com/thedailyvibe/photos/a.330999960248736.102938.330995256915873/1884411574907559/?type=3&theater

Bear asked Sophie why they rowed past Moon every night. Sophie said she was afraid of Dreams but felt safe under the light of heaven. Bear replied "How could you not feel safe? You have a Friend Forever who is great, boat-rowing Bear.

Let's see the sky.

Office of Poofness 3-17-14… “Smiling Eyes”

What more could be asked of you than to honor your elders, those who made the life you now live possible and the legacy you are about to inherit.

Venus and Mercury have moved into their own signs, assisting us in finding our Ground State of Being. Here's how....  http://www.holestoheavens.com/the-ground-state/

Ayham Jabris a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, specializing in digital collage and analog collage. He lives in Damascus-Syria.

"...porque o meu papo é futurista, é lunático...". Dani Cabo pinterest • firstname_ill

Beth Hoeckel collages - Magritte art history study - creating surrealist postcards of places traveled .head in the clouds.

Steven Quinn collage

Collage / Mixed Media / Road trip / Retro Photography / Psychedelic / Surrealism / montage not lsd though.

another world

We Used To Live There Art Print - some decent hipster prints for purchase on this site

Christian Schloe

Christian Schloe: Gifts & Merchandise

Pilar Zeta

Pilar Zeta

Not sure what this is, but it would be really cool as a glow in the dark wall graphic...

Not sure what this is, but it would be really cool as a glow in the dark wall graphic. Fun composition play with this photo montage. dangling the moon out of a window! Touch the moon art.