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Awesome Or Cool Tattoos and Their Meanings: Lovely Designs - Paperblog

Awesome or Cool Tattoos and their Meanings: Lovely Designs

65 Best Paw Print Tattoo Meanings and Designs - Nice Trails

Paw print tattoo is very simple tattoo though having great meaning. They are also very elegant especially when placed on particular position of the body.

The Hymmnos alphabet was created by Akira Tsuchiya (土屋暁) for the video game series "Ar tonelico" (アルトネリコ). It is used mainly to write the fictional language of the same name, though it is suitable for English or any other language with standard Latin orthography. According to the creator it's based in appearance upon one of the Sanskrit scripts. (...)

The Hymmnos alphabet was created by Akira Tsuchiya to write Hymmnos, an invented language used in the video game series 'Ar tonelico'.