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Sorceress (Female Nude)

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Gleti - West African Moon Goddess

Gleti is a moon goddess from the African kingdom of Dahomey, situated in what is now Benin. In Dahomey mythology, she is the mother of all the stars. An eclipse is caused by the shadow of the moon’s husband crossing her face.

Worse than history being forever altered, are the words used to forever alter perceptions imbrued in stereotypical fears.

The Greek Medusa, as we know her, was derived from an actual African Goddess that had the same characteristics. The ledgend always speaks of yhe beauty of her face but transformed her lovely locs into snakes.

brandiauset: “Erzulie – West African Goddess of Love. Originally a Goddess of Africa, Erzulie is now mainly worshiped in the Voudun cultures of the Afro-Caribbean. She is a Goddess of beauty,...

eatcakey: “ “ Men are terrified of a woman’s depth of love and the energy that moves as a woman’s sexuality and emotions. And, at the same time, men want nothing more in this life than to merge completely with a woman’s devotional love and wild.