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Castle in the Air -- Diana Wynne Jones (Phoenix Chan Illustration) So good someone should animate this <3
Diana Wynne Jones - "Cat" Chant
Castle in the Air by on @deviantART
Diana Wynne Jones - The Ogre Downstairs - Japanese Cover
Howl Jenkins by *bechedor79 on deviantART... This is quite literally some of my favorite fan art EVER. Could be because it's book fan art that I've never seen before (and that's a rarity)
Jasmin Darnell(yasahime)...
The Chrestomanci does not have time for this. (Charmed Life, by Diana Wynne Jones ♥)
that can't be Christopher Chant. The hair's not immaculate enough. The sarcastic expressions are good, though... maybe I should just draw my own.

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