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She-Hulk - Mike Deodato Jr.

wet look! lines: Deodato colors: me Written by Peter David Penciled by Shawn Moll Cover by Mike Deodato Jaded: Part Two. A nice, simple mission for She-. She-Hulk 23


thebestofwomenincomics: “ Betsy Braddock, a. by David Finch ”

Vision The Vision possesses a number of superhuman powers ultimately derived from his artificial substance and metabolism. The Vision's android body is functioning replica of a human body containing analogues to virtually all human organs, blood, and tissue, composed of an unrevealed synthetic organic-like substance. This substance mimics all the functions of human tissue, but is several times as strong, durable and resilient.

Vision by David Finch from Avengers It is a great picture but a terrible storyline if you are a fan of the Vision & Scarlet Witch.