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12 Things We Learned About Buffy from Sarah Michelle Gellar's Reddit AMA

12 Things We Just Learned About Buffy

Angel - I still like Spike better, but this is a very good point.

Angel's Redemption Argument : Very well thought out. I never thought of it that way & now I'm more appreciative of Angel. *reads Season 8 BtVS comics* I HATE ANGEL!

Well, it was good until Willow started using too much magic. But I don't want to get picky. I loves them.

I loved Tara and Willow together. So beautifully tragic.

Aly played Dark Willow perfectly.

I think Joss did the best character development in the history of television with Willow. Going from a nerdy, straight, unlikely girl in highschool to a supreme lesbian witch that could destroy the.

As told by Alyson Hannigan and Tom Lenk!

18 Things We Learned About "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" From The Cast

Joss is a monster

Have to watch to see if this is true. See even Sarah who plays Buffy thinks Angel and Buffy are soul mates! (She also had trouble getting through the break up scene in "The Prom" and production had to stop for almost a half hour)