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Kralen voor Valentijnsdag

Kralen voor Valentijnsdag

Hearts Galore

Trollbeads: Hearts Galore - Love will last forever.

Chinese Snake Trollbead

Trollbeads: Chinese Snake Bead - Are you: - Quick and intuitive thinker - Thoughtful, wise and detailed - Patient and trustworthy - Attractive like the Chinese Zodiac Snake?

Fragola Fiorita di Maggio

Trollbeads: Buckthorn of May Bead - Hiding among the leaves of a buckthorn is a precious pearl of beauty. This birth flower of May represents hope and happiness, only wishing the best for all. The pearl is a cultured freshwater pearl.

✔️ Tre Scimmie - Per non vedere il male, per non sentirlo e per non pronunciare malvagità.

The Three Monkeys Bead is symbolic bead from ancient Japanese culture. See no evil hear no evil speak no evil. A perfectly proportioned silver bead.

Trollbeads Seal Family - 11284, $50

Trollbeads: Seal Family Bead - "A Seal Family playing in the water, getting to know each others voices so they can always find each other.

Rose Bead, Silver

The cast silver Rose Bead has delicate petals. This pretty little silver Trollbead is a springtime messenger. A smaller scale Trollbeads flower bead.

Trollbeads Ocean (This will be for my beach theme bracelet I plan to start this summer)

Ocean Bead

Trollbeads: Ocean Bead, Silver - The longing for the ocean, its roaring waves and countless beaches are all put into this bead that reminds us of saltwater and summer.

Want - Playing Dolphins - trollbeadsuniverse.com

Trollbeads Playing Dolphins Silver Bead 11170 - Charms from Joshua James UK