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Heart's Blood... by Mizu-no-Akira on DeviantArt. I was attracted to this work for similar reason as another I posted previously; the stark contrast between the dark and light. The demonic and secretive nature of the feline, highlighted by the bright streak of red creates a sense of mystery. The eyes of the feline are additionally well done.

Sparkpaw- He is a very dark cat, he always wants to attack the other clans and stuff like that, he is secretly training with Brokenstar in the dark forest, he has a crush on Iceblood from river clan ((Played by AvalonCat))

A portal, from whence magic comes.

Attuning the Unicorns with Coryelle Kramer

Unicorn and portal I love magical doors and gateways and arches, the dark oenings of caves great or tiny, any form of portal. It's not a unicorn that comes through my personal magical portal.

redwood eye in Wunderlich County Park, near Woodside, CA ~ photographer andertho #nature #redwood #photography

Passage secret Wunderlich County Park, near Woodside, California, USA Redwood Eye. Through that door is an entrance to the Land of Faerie

(Open) I run through the wood trying to get away from some hunters that had found me. I hear gunshots behind me, and I dodge them. "Gah, she's good." I hear one of them mutter behind. I smirk, as someone tackles me.

Mood Board: Back to School Style Inspiration!

[Open] Cora)) I slowly walk the woods towards my secret hotspring. Nobody knew it was here and I was glad to keep it that way. Once I arrive at the entrance I push away the large bushes that conceal the small pond. Once I am concealed behind the foilage I behind to strip off the clothes I had on. Once I am in my underclothes I slowly sit in the hot water of the spring. I close my eyes and relax in the warm liquid until I hear a snap of a branch in the distance. I shoot up and look around…

Working For The Weekend

San Antonio Hot Springs - Santa Fe National Forest - outside of Jemez Springs in New Mexico. This is the type of place I dream about, so lovely to see it exists in real life ♥

Doors of Ireland...  would love this on our house!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ancient door ~ Kerry, Ireland This door opens up to a beautiful garden probably, I'll never know.

Key to a magical place?

keys to the forest.the trees hold life, like doorways the key is my silvery looking pendant dont you think old keys are pretty *comments/thoughts appre. Keys To The Forest


Irish Window- Kinsale, Ireland - what a great garden idea for a formal garden.