Focus: A young Yakima man stares straight into the camera wearing shell disk earrings, ca. 1910

Stunning pictures document the life of Native American Indians before the influence of Western settlers

Yaqui Indian baby & mother

Indian Baby and Mother Here for your consideration is an old picture of an Indian Mother and Baby. It was created in 1905 by Edward S. The photograph presents a Half-length portrait of mother and child facing front.

Crow Native Americans on horses, silhouetted on top of a Montana hill. 1908, Edward S. Curtis

a dramatic photograph of a Crow War Party. It was made in 1908 in Montana by Edward S. The photo illustrates Eight Crow natives on horseback, silhouetted on the top of a hill. The man that is second from the left is pointing off into the distance.

Persaltrove - La coperta navajo

Edward S.Curtis 1904 photo entitled:: A chief of the desert - Navaho. Portrait of a (Navajo) chief. He has whiskers and wears a cloth headband and a woven patterned blanket around his shoulders.