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When an Aries is silent......

When Aries is silent, they are thinking, crying inside, irritated from waiting or all of the above :).for me usually over-thinking

#aries so true. in fact im having problems with one of my friends because they refuse to open up

Pretty much, but I think everyone is this way not just Aries but I believe an Aries expects it a lot more.

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There is no other sign in the Zodiac that knows themselves better than an Aries

This lends us the power to truly not give a flying eff what anyone else thinks of us. That said our actions are rarely intended to harm others, we're usually just too busy having fun to notice if anyone has been burnt by us along the way!

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Maybe this is why people get so frustrated   with me... But this is totally me.

Maybe this is why people get so frustrated with me. But this is totally me. I've got a lot of Aries in the planets in my natal chart, even though I am an early April taurus.

An Aries trusts people easily, but when someone lies them about the littlest things it makes them think, " what else are they lying about?"

This is so true. however I don't trust easily but you better NEVER lie to me. even the smallest lie will get you blackballed from my circle of trust!