Ziet eruit alsof er een heleboel vlinders op haar kleren zijn.

Is Iris van Herpen the next Alexander McQueen?

Designer Iris Van Herpen pushes boundaries with her incredible and complex style in fashion. Music artist Björk has worn her dress on the cover of her own album Biophilia. Normal rules don’t apply….


Iris Van Herpen at Couture Spring 2012

Browse Couture Spring 2012 pictures from the Iris Van Herpen runway show.

Sculptural fashion by Iris van Herpenhttp://www.hdengineering.com.vn https://www.facebook.com/hdengineeringvn

Iris van Herpen stands for a reciprocity between craftsmanship and innovation in technique and materials. She creates a new direction of couture that combines fine handwork techniques with futuristic digital technology .

Iris van Herpen.

For her fourth collection, Dutch designer Iris van Herpen takes on the theme of electricity featuring ensembles.

Inspired by: Futurism

Free vintage knitting patterns from 50's-60's

Synthetic Oceans” collection by Alba Prat, fashion design student from the University of Künste, Berlin, represents the transition that the aquatic world experiences as a result of the industrialization era.

Sci-Fi Oriental Collections

Sci-Fi Oriental Collections

Cool Wearables - Sci-Fi Oriental Collections - These Ivana Pilja Designs Boasts Futuristic Style Ideals (GALLERY)

Architectural Fashion Design with structural panels & fine thread detail; 3D fashion construction // Winde Rienstra

Architectural Fashion Design - dress with angular shapes structural construction;

Iris van Herpen FW 2016 RTW THIS should have been what we saw more of at the Met Gala. Not light up dresses.

Iris Van Herpen Autumn/Winter 2016 … The transformation from the upper torso to the skirt puts an emphasis on her waist to hips because of the bubble like shapes. It almost looks like the skirt would be moving and bubbling in real life.

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Innovative Fashion - silicone dress with intricate patterns & sculptural silhouette // Iris van Herpen


Julia Krantz - Julia Krantz, a fashion designer from Sweden, has created this all-white protective suit for a project entitled Whiteness. This Julia Krantz armor .