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A dryad is a tree nymph, that is a female spirit of a tree, in Greek mythology. In Greek drys signifies "oak". Thus dryads are specifically ...

MOTHER NATURE, PORTUGAL Some places are just simply made by our Nature, others are built by humans. There also are places that the nature has made them beautiful, but the men touched them so he could use it and enjoy them.

Amazing mother nature moments

Night time & Motion ~ This photo was taken at 1 AM on Terrace Beach, British Columbia, Canada by Val West

UPS #Infographic: "See what 1 million trees can do" | Via Mother Nature Network

What can 1 million trees do? [infographic]

What Can 1 Million Trees Do? [INFOGRAPHIC] Environment - Sustainability - Climate Change is in our hands - Arbor Day Foundation - The Nature Conservancy - Earth Day Network - National Park Foundation - Mother Nature Network

Beautiful Mother Nature

Autumn flame (Photo by by Tsuguharu Hosoya) This is beautiful. Imagine lying under this tree looking up at the sky/colors.

World’s most beautiful trees…

World’s most beautiful trees…

Funny pictures about World's most beautiful trees. Oh, and cool pics about World's most beautiful trees. Also, World's most beautiful trees.

they will find a way.

Ta Prohm, a temple at Angkor, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. The famous tree growing in the Ta Prohm temple ruins is Tetrameles nudiflora.

"Petrified Snake Ballet" ~ The Amazing Tree,  like a twisted snake. Great Production of mother Nature.

Moss covered Japanese Maples in Portland, Oregon! Awesome curvy moss covered trees of the misty Northwest coastline!