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Tentacruel in vig 2 | by invader_quirk

Tentacruel in vig 2 | by invader_quirk

Tank Droid lego driod mod

After seeing Ironsniper's awesome Martian Suits and Zeessi's Fatboy and Slim I couldn't resist trying my own!

TwinBee | by rongYIREN

This stout Lego Mech is called the TwinBee, an homage or recreation of the ship from the NES/SNES video game. This Lego version has some awesome jets…

Ian-2 | by bassett.christopher

Ian-2 | by bassett.christopher

lego mechs - Google Search

I started off intending to build one of Soren's Striders in grey. It evolved.

Red Unit "Kingfisher"

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack sounds like a Japanese game involving giant robots and, well, that's not terribly far off from the truth. Only it's not a video game, it's a tabletop game. And instead of using plastic pieces, it uses LEGO.

classic racer