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Wat je allemaal niet met boeken kunt doen..

Artist Guy Laramee has produced some quite exquisite work in the form of carved book landscapes, and the dense pages of old books are excavated to reveal serene and beautiful mountains, plateaus, and ancient structures. Via Guy Laramee.

Een boekensculptuur van Guy Laramée

Now books really do look interesting, don't they? Artist Guy Laramee created these amazing book landscapes by carving old books, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

3D Cave

New Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee Book Carving Altered Art

Le sculture del pensatore fatte con pagine di libri

The Thinking Man's Book Sculptures by Daniel Lai aka Kenjio.

Images of artwork from the Blue Canvas Community gallery.

The Last Bookstore - Jena Priebe

Gripping Book Art: 31 Sculptures Worth Reading About | WebUrbanist

Su Blackwell is an artist and working predominantly within the realm of paper.Check out 10 Most Creative Book Sculptures By Su Blackwell

책속에 나무.jpg

Funny pictures about Book's tree. Oh, and cool pics about Book's tree. Also, Book's tree photos.

Gemaakt van een toilet-rolletje.

Many people will agree on this that we get the most creative ideas while sitting on our potty seats. Such creative art pieces made from toilet rolls are the reflection of such ideas. Read through for seven examples of creative artworks made using toilet p

이번 포스팅은 북아트의 한 장르를 소개할까 합니다. 옛날 입체카드처럼 펼치면 튀어나는 팝업북(pop up bo...

Harikrishnan Panicker and Deepti Nair create cut paper shadow boxes, illuminated with battery powered lights. amazing graphic illustration style fantasy landscape paper art sculpture work of these artists is breathtaking shadow box play

Haal een stuk uit de steen en plak een rits om het gat, vul het eventueel met iets

Zipper stone art [I don't usually like painted rock art, but this one is great!