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Lindsay Feuer uses organic forms in her porcelain work, inspired by nature and the mysteries that it holds. Description from iupgradcrit.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Ceramics by Lindsay Feuer

Lindsey Feuer is a ceramic artist who produces these wonderfully detailed, unglazed porcelain sculptures inspired by organic forms in nature.The shapes and forms in some of these suggest natural gr…

Icarus sculpture by kate macdowell

Icarus sculpture by kate macdowell - reminds me of an artist who said she loves dead birds because of their vulnerability.

Alessandro Boezio's sculptures take on a strange life form all of their own. via news.upperplayground.com #upnews

Milan-based artist Alessandro Boezio transforms reality by toying with concepts and objects all while infusing them in a rich vein of humor.

Interesting and Bizarre Sculptures by Kate McDowell http://designwrld.com/porcelain-sculptures-by-kate-macdowell/

Porcelain Sculptures by Kate MacDowell

Goblin Market severed hands porcelain sculpture by Kate MacDowell

lizzie darden o cómo mezclar comida y objetos cotidianos en instagram

lizzie darden o cómo mezclar comida y objetos cotidianos en instagram

Lizzie Darden: linked on shape and use (both food), but not as effective as some of the others I have seen

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