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Concept for #HearTheWholeStory photobooth portrait frame. // practical paint smear elements in place of pen crosshatching // negative space in center for portrait // "Awakening Original Design" vinyls surrounding frame // instructions below.

Modern Hepburn

I'm loving the hexagonal design. Especially because it's layered, creating different image ideas with each overlap. layers - simple work, with a geometric shape removed in gradually smaller layers from an illustrated book.

i love the feel of this...could be a fun direction. simple, clean, lots of negative space...but with a more modern, not so hand drawn type methinks

Designer Alexey Malina sent us these seven unique (and haunting) posters that illustrate the seven deadly sins, shown as geometric figures.

Positive and Negative space Illustrations Double take Double exposure

Positive and Negative space Illustrations Double take Double exposure, Collage art.

It is crucial to become mindfully aware witnesses of these aspects when they arise within us. It is also important to compassionately accept that they are there & not to feel negative or victimized by their presence.-Brad Stevens

Fabian BÜRGY: This picture is so simple yet so interesting. I love the simplicity of it and the contrast of the smoke and the background really draw your eye forward. Sometimes such simple ideas can turn out so neat.

This design shows Gestalt through the play of the positive and negative space in the design. At first sight, you see two boys playing soccer, but on second look, you see the African continent made by their silhouettes.

Los mejores posters de Good 50×70 – 2010

play for Africa - Anita Lam Figure ground reversal and good use of negative space

Barbys surrealistic manipulations are not only works of retouching and airbrushing he also sticks the negatives together, photographs them, uses other techniques to reach the concept vision he had in his mind first but few are able to resist the gripping illusion.

iNW-LiVE Daily Picdump #180213

Before photoshop by Thomas Barbey. Absolutely amazing art and thought.

Смешение цветов, исчезновение их четких границ. Нравится общая композиция.

Black and white abstract ink painting title Metaphor is a Ritual, manifest number 2

Great use of negative space. Designer: Grigoris Giannoulopoulos #layout #printdesign:

SFTI by Grigoris Giannoulopoulos

vintage photo meets sketch by Lauren Spencer King    via All the Mountains

Drawing with Vintage Photo - Woman Reading in the Sun - Spencer Studio


Defense suit that protect from rational scheme forced by perspective. Collage by Kiara Flisha