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My friend’s dog got a ball from their dentist….

Funny pictures about Dog gets a present from the dentist. Oh, and cool pics about Dog gets a present from the dentist. Also, Dog gets a present from the dentist.

As dog lovers, it’s very difficult for us to understand why someone would ever subject one of our beloved friends to the torture of dog fighting. That’s exactly what happened to this beautiful pit bull. Thankfully, a handful of good people were able to rescue this dog from the clutches of his tortured life.

Abused Pit Bull Is Shown Love For The First Time

I don't understand how people can do evil things. Thank goodness there are good people in this world to bring kindness to this dog.

How spiffy is this?  A deer just moved right on in with the other family pets.  You just can't make stuff like this up!

This is just too cute! Imagine looking out on your deck and seeing a full size deer relaxing on the dog bed. How adorable. I just love animals.

Funny dog

Big dog: Do I have a cavity? Tiny dog: I cant tell I need to get a closer look. Tiny dog: TOO CLOSE!

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Funny Labrador Dog Meme Caption Joke Picture Photo - Him? No, he doesn't want a treat.

Absolutely hilarious dog shaming...poor duck/puppy

i pulled out all the stuffing in my plush yellow duck toy, so my mama’s making me wear it as a costume for halloween. —-mooji, 4 months old. You need bigger stuffed animals so Panda can get her Halloween costumes ready for her fitting!

Baggy Bulldogs

Bulldogs love Balls

“ Bulldog surprised when his ball trick works. [vid] ” Not a pug, but a fellow smushed face dog and this gif just totally cracked me up!