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The Pokemon Way - I like how Charizard has sunglasses too :3

The Pokemon Way

And that's why you get a free bike when you play pokemon sapphire/ruby/emerald

Same Colours by ~Cezaria on deviantART. OMG--I cried when I saw this!!! :')

This is one of the saddest and sweetest pokemon fan art I have ever seen. And now I'm rethinking about me getting Tepig and no Oshawott.

#pokemon, #shaming

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The perfect Pikachu formula.

I Waste So Much Time

The perfect Pikachu formula.<==but I love pachurisu even if o can't spell it's name <<< Mimikyu is my Favourite Pokemon 😍

nebby - pokemon sun and moon by Dilutra on DeviantArt

nebby - pokemon sun and moon by Dilutra on DeviantArt<<< cats looooove boxes