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Her idols<3

I love how her and her record label's first single was called "Tim McGraw" and now he's on Big Machine and him and Taylor have a song together!

Taylor Swift 1989 Nashville

Taylor Swift 1989 Nashville

Hater: "Taylor should write a song called 'Maybe I'm the Problem'" Swiftie: ..Um.

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not afraid to admit that only sometimes she could be the problem. for a relationship to fail its a two person effort.---------> These are some of my favorite Taylor songs

Tim and Taylor

Faith Hill Convinced Tim McGraw Cheated with Taylor Swift - Now Her Marriage Is Ruined Over Trust Issues

taylornation13: Matching sparkles with WALK THE MOON calls for LOUDER SCREAMS and MORE DANCING!!!!! // 1989 Tour: Foxborough

walk the moon & taylor swift·shut up & dance ♡

Taylor Swift 1989 Nashville  With guest Steven Tyler

Taylor Swift 1989 Nashville With guest Steven Tyler