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absolutely loved this show. wish i could have learned their secret language lol

Zoom TV show. 40 years later I remember the address.Write zoom Z doubleO M BOX 350 Boston, Mass send it to zoom! Me and Steve loved this show.

90's or 80's kids will remember doing that

90's or 80's kids will remember doing that.

or kids will remember doing that. I only did this to clean them, because theres this metal thing the roller ball makes contact with that gets gunk on in from the mouse pad, and then the mouse doesnt work as well.

1989 Bridesmaid - Polly Pocket Bluebird

Polly Pocket Bridesmaid Polly aka Polly in a Wedding - Classic Collection or Keepsake Collection (Yellow Version)

I did not have this doll, but I did have her friends. The snail that was a tape dispenser and a beaver that was a pencil sharpener.

Sally Secrets (not only a doll, but provider of arts & crafts projects thanks to her sticker stomach and ink pad shoes)

Vintage Retro 1993 80s 90s Polly Pocket Summer House Pollyville Toy

Polly Pocket toys - Vintage Retro 1993 Polly Pocket Summer House Pollyville Toy - childhood memories, actually owned this one♥

polly pocket jewellery

FLASHBACK, i totally still have the little book one, its a garden with a swing, tiny polly and friend in ball gowns. i still have all my polly pockets.

polly pocket - Buscar con Google

Polly Pocket, the teensy lady whose mansion was so small it could (and would) fall down a sewer drain with ease. That’s how I lost every single Polly Pocket I ever owned.

Polly Pocket -- brings back so many memories <3

I used to dream of designing a real life polly pocket house that opened up.

Remember the original Polly Pocket? I had this one and you could fill the water slide with water!

Fred Dinenage, Carol Vorderman and Gareth Jones "How fun science experiment…

Fisher Price Doctor kit

The Fisher Price doctor’s set. Donnie & I played doctor with this & my dolls all the time!