Stills by Doepel Strijkers

stills flagship store - Dutch design studio Doepel Strijkers has created this intriguing space for the Stills flagship store in Amsterdam. An elaborate maze of lattices, .

Interior VM. The wooden pattern on the wall is unique and make the room stand out!

Christopher Bettig

apparently this is from the jcrew store facelift Rockefeller Center store. the wall art is pretty damn cool

I was looking for a good way to recycle or reuse all of the cardboard tubes we throw away and came across this! Not what I was looking for but it's actually quite beautiful.

Karis by Suppose Design Office

Karis by Suppose Design Office Japanese architects Suppose Design Office have completed a boutique made of cardboard tubes in a Hiroshima shopping centre. Called Karis, the project features tubes of.

Les Pop-up stores, ou en français « magasin éphémère », sont une approche marketing consistant à ouvrir un point de vente de courte durée.

Les 20 Pop-up Stores les plus créatifs et originaux !

Cardboard Box Pop-Up Shops - Naver App Square is a Cool Temporary Store by Urbantainer

Awesome wine store, great use of old wine crates

Amazing Wine Store Interior Design by Oos - This amazing interior was designed by Oos for Albert Reichmuth wine store in Zurich. The main concept of this wine store is by creating landscape view by arranging the wine cases in the wall and ceiling.