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It's not right. Child Labour. Children working in the mines in India. Kalaheera © Thomas Vanden Driessche

JharIa, IndIa photo by Thomas Vanden Driessche


A young woman stumbles as she tries to carry a large basket of coal as they illegally scavenge at an open-cast mine in the village of Bokapahari, India, where a community of coal scavengers live and work.



June 12 - World Day Against Child Labour. There are 215 million in the world, children are forced to work to survive, often in the worst forms of exploitation.

June 12 - World Day Against Child Labour. There are 215 million in the world, children are forced to work to survive, often in the worst forms of exploitation.

Children at work in New Delhi, India cant wait to meet, teach, and love the kids in India!

children sold into a life of forced servitude fraught with unimaginable suffering, sold by their own parents.

8.	Girl usually work at home cleaning the house and gathering food for the family to eat. Sometimes they are able to help out as nurses and jobs like that helping the men in medical procedures.

India's Bonded Child Laborers Breaks my heart.

Trabalho infantil na Índia. Declaração Universal dos Direitos da Criança, de 1989: "Princípio IX - Direito a ser protegido contra o abandono e a exploração no trabalho. ... Não se deverá permitir que a criança trabalhe antes de uma idade mínima adequada ... "

Is the word labor is being "raped" again a part of blue jeans and labor party mixed with pregnancy labor surrogating.

Human Rights Are Children’s Rights

Work by children is prohibited under human rights. See these young girls carry bricks is inhumane and must be denounced.

Child Labor. The use of children in industry work or a certain business. Some places this can be illegal, but many more it seems inhuman.

Nepali girl carrying a wicker basket Child labor should be abolished !

Children all over the world are exploited for their labor. This is due to capitalism. Because of the demand for cheap prices by 1st world companies, suppliers need cheap labor to make greater profits, so they pay workers little or no money and use children as young as 4 as laborers.

Children working, to earn money supporting their families financially. Child slavery is very common in families who are living in extreme poverty

OBJETIVO 8: TRABALHO DIGNO & CRESCIMENTO ECONÔMICO Crianças afegãs empilham tijolos na fábrica de tijolos Sadat Ltd., onde trabalham diariamente das 8h às 17h em Cabul, Afeganistão8 - Majid Saeedi/Getty Images

Child Labor Is Declining Worldwide, But It's Thriving in These Six Countries

The 19 month Occupation of Alcatraz. Though not associated directly with the AIM (publicly it was IAT - Indians of All Tribes)- this land reclamation promised by the US Government was forcibly ended by the US Government on June 11, 1971. The land was promised to the Sioux tribal members in the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1868.

American Indian Movement’s demands during their occupation of Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, Ca, 1969 (primary source document)

worldwide attention in November when a group of 300 Indian activists occupied Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay to publicize the Indian cause.


One beautiful smile causes another

a family on the way to home

Heading home, Tibet


Pray For Nepal quotes awareness prayer pray nepal earthquake

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