Severus ♥

Severus Snape looking over his shoulder to see that harry potter is safe from the movie of the half blood prince.

I love this part but it crushes me every time when I see Ginny's face after Hermione says that. #Hinny

The look on Ginny's face. Let's also appreciate the look Fred and George are giving each other, cause I'm pretty sure they knew she still liked him. Someone else who noticed!----> am I the only one that noticed Ginnys face

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Snape- perfect picture of him.

Severus Snape

Professor Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) - terrifying teacher of the dark arts at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series who sides with evil to do the right thing. Alan Rickman in general plays good villain roles.

harry potter - order of the phoenix

harry potter - order of the phoenix, it was actually a really clever line. but harry was stupid enough to believe that snape didn't understand. OF COURSE HE UNDERSTOOD!

Severus :(

Pin for Later: Remembering Every Priceless Moment Alan Rickman Gave Us as Snape When He Breaks Down And your heart just shatters.

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this is so true and perfect except that James didn't bully Snape everyday. We just know he did once based upon Snape's memory of one day. Don't get me wrong I love both James and Snape