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Relationships: "Relating" to another person's mindset is deferring, serving and lovingkind with patience. A successful relationship is built on thoughtfulness where each "Relation" puts the other "Relation's" best Interest, before their own. Successful long-term relationships are built on Selflessness. Loving unconditionally is sharing with another in a Covenant of Grace. Pure Love.

Very, very true! What blows my mind is how some people accept relationship advise from selfish, losers that don't know the meaning of the word let alone what it feels to have and be in a real relationship.

Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

Christian D Larson Quote: Promise Yourself To Be So Strong That Nothing Can Disturb You Peace Of Mind

I know right , silly me move on life is good when love is real I hate fake things ...Q

Can't lose what you never had; can't keep what's not yours; and, can't hold on to something that doesn't want to stay.


Words of Wisdom From Miss Monroe

15 Celebrity Breakup Quotes to Mend Your Shattered Heart-- thank goodness zip don't need, but they are some wise words.

What you should know :

"What women should know: a man who truly loves you will never let you go no matter how hard the situation is. What men should know: a woman who truly loves you will get angry at you for so many things but will still stick around." SO FREAKING TRUE!

Those dam hoses will come and go. Spraying their bs all over. Don't slip and fall. Step on no matter how wet the floor feels.

"When you have a queen, don't reshuffle the deck and end up with a joker" men choose wisely.or loose her.

Don't know who the guy is, but he's on point

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