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MARCH BOOK FEATURE: Constellations // Since the dawn of man we have stared into the cosmos, mystified by its harmonious order and astounded by its celestial objects .

The photo taken from the International Space Station by astronaut Barry Wilmore, the commander of Expedition 42.

Photograph by NASA/Barry Wilmore In this incredible photo we see spirals of lights bursting from Earth. The photo was taken from the International Space Station by astronaut Barry Wilmore.

- ̗̀ it's a beautiful day ̖́-

we’re not human, This newest stitch was made for a friend + was inspired by the song “Birdland” by Patti Smith. Let the ship slide open and we’ll go inside of itWhere we are not human, we’re not human.

female astronaut painting - Google Search

A personal image: "a study of Audrey Hepburn that turned into an astronaut".

Dreaming all the way to the moon.

this reminds me of the italo calvino short story from cosmicomics where the characters would row out to sea, and use a ladder to climb to the moon to gather "moon milk". This story gave me that strangest dreams.

Symmetry Symptom

The Jejune Ghost

Schmitt with Flag and Earth Above by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, via Flickr

Apollo 40 Years Later - December astronaut geologist Harrison Schmitt is photographed next to the American Flag during an extravehicular activity (EVA) of NASA's final lunar landing mission in the Apollo series at the Taurus-Littrow landing site.

Starry eyed

Unexpected Visitors Framed Art Print by KadetKat

No vacancy

No vacancy


Love his paintings Jeremy Geddes