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landscape photography What a great way to showcase a few different pictures while leaving in a striking, strong background image to tie them all together! Best with landscape photography, abstract art and graphic overlays are a great match.

Reverse Squares in Nature  Victoria Siemer, connue sous le pseudo de Witchoria, est une designer graphique basée à Brooklyn, qui a fait une nouvelle série de photographies dans lesquelles elle intègre des figures carrées inversant le paysage et la nature. Une nouvelle perception de l’espace à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.

Reverse Squares in Nature

Reverse Squares in Nature by Brookly based graphic designer, Victoria Siemer (Witchoria).

Laurent Rosset turns his dreams into surreal images of our world rising up and onto itself like a swelling wave.

Photographer Flips and Folds the World to Create Surreal Inception-Like Landscapes

Heavy Stuff

Change of perspective .It's Only Victorville - A Change of Perspective

GEOMETRIC REFLECTIONSGraphic Designer Victoria Siemer (tumblr / behance)

Geometric Reflections Victoria Siemer (aka Witchoria) Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria produces new and unusual realities by altering expected perceptions of space with geometric shapes.

Somewhere out there

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer (a. Witchoria) imagines hauntingly unusual realities by altering ordinary perceptions of space with geo