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Miniature Vietnamese Farmhouse landscape

We have seen realistic miniature landscapes before, but this particular one really stands out. It consists of a traditional Vietnamese farmhouse, two small Bonsai trees and outer walls.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho NHÀ QUÊ

Believe it or not, this is a miniature landscape. Incredibly detailed and including two Bonsai trees. Feel free to share!

Bonsaï Paysage chinois Penjing Man Lung

a Penjing landscape by Yee-sun Wu. This wonderful Chinese landscape belongs to the Man Lung collection in Hong Kong. The trees are Chinese Bird Plums (Sageretia Theezans) and together make up a very realistic scenery. The trees, rock

10360958_10152763767240614_5180212500438421676_n.jpg (636×428)

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Bonsai Ficus ginseng - Cura bonsai - Curare ficus ginseng bonsai

Ficus Riligiosa - The Bo Fig, or for the Buddhists in the crowd The Bohdi Tree.