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I really want for this special people in my entire life to win all the nominations for teen choice awards they deserve it. I literally cried when i found out l love them so much !they are the only ones who makes me laugh or smile when no one else can

“There was a sascooch in those woods and I was showin em my Pokémon collection annndd!”

Dolan Twins Vine "I saw a sasqouch in those woods. And i was showing him my Pokemon collection.

Ethan and Grayson

Hahah Grayson was so scared he thought we were gonna fall<<< just pinning for that comment

The Dolan Twins☺️

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Why can't these kinds of glow ups happen to the dudes at my school. The guys at my school look like wet, uncooked chickens and the decent ones look like burnt soy beans.