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Malice Mizer is one of my favorite bands from Japan.

Közi Malice Mizer #malice #mizer #kozi #japan #music #gothic

Közi Malice Mizer #malice #mizer #kozi #japan #music #gothic

Közi Malice Mizer

Not my picture, Fucking awesome best Malice Mizer costume >:-D Kozi

"Malice Mizer....visual kei band from Japan....coincidentally they are all guys; at least genetically"-Violet Shade


I few days ago I came aroun this article ( here in spanish) about Lady Gaga and the Illuminatis. Image from weheartit (Oh, yes, we're the .

kozi malice mizer | posted by saiko sama labels kozi malice mizer moi dix mois ziz

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Közi. Malice Mizer.

Közi. Malice Mizer.