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Tiger. More fierce, and intense...less of the 'adorable.'

This pictures is a close up of a tiger. The eyes stuck out to me because they represent how eyes are the key to the soul. The mood it seems is fierce and ready for competition and that's how you have to be in life, or in Pi's case, on a life boat.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park 08/09/12 | Dave Hunt Photography | Flickr

"See these ears go back & down? I'm REALLY angry with you!" Yorkshire Wildlife Park By: Dave learns his Dig SLR?

Songs that make a difference 🐸🐊🐢🐍🐲🐉🐳

Yes, I want a waterfall with a nonchalant tiger perched on top.

this cat is cool.This belongs here in Animal Kingdom and in Waterfalls. Tiger has taken possession of waterfalls.


Captivating Eyes Wallpaper Tigers Animals Wallpapers) – Wallpapers and Backgrounds

It's sad that these 9 incredibly beautiful big cats are all endangered. http://trendpics.today/1kIzd28   .

Cute Emergency on

adorable LILIGER cubs frolicking around the Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia, offspring of a male lion and a female liger