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Hôtel du Marc of Veuve Clicquot in Reims, France.- Dark wood room- still very french, I think the lustre saves it


Lviv House of Scientists, Lviv, Ukraine - 1887 - Architects: Fellner & Helmer, Vienna - Baroque architecture, also known as the Viennese neo-Renaissance style- Incredibly beautiful.

On a trip to Belgium and Antwerp... a hotel on Boulevard Leopold, where the decoration is old-world—full of charm and elegance. In the vast black library a universe of skeletons and skulls, all kinds, glass, an accumulation of crucifix bells...

Le charme et l'élégance du Boulevard Leopold

21 Cool Gothic Home Office And Library Décor Ideas : 21 Cool Gothic Home Office And Library Décor Ideas With Dark Wooden Bookshelves Design

Plums with camel - digging darkness although this does feel a bit Miss Haversham to me...

See beautiful pictures of Vintage room design. Select the desired option of Vintage room design and do a redesign of its premises.

lucifers room

Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey - in pictures

///Slytherin common room /// 18 Amazing Gothic Living Room Designs : 18 Amazing Gothic Living Room Designs With Dark Wooden Furniture Sofa Table Chair And Fireplace Desi.

Vintage at its best with this beautifully aged runner.

The Foyer of a home in Cork, Ireland. Dark foyer with runner area rug and glass doors.

Dining room in the Beast's castle From: Portable Magic

Kingdom palace "It was deserted, and yet not the thinnest layer of dust covered anything" <<< only in my dreams, but still.