Okay this is adorable

Jared's And Genevieve's Wedding - Supernatural Photo. How adorable are they? He makes her laugh =)

Jared Padalecki And Genevieve Cortese 2011

Jared & Jensen interview about Gen. I don't know if the adorbs of this comes from the Jared/Gen love or that he told Jensen.after kissing her for the first time.

I wouldn't mind having an umbrella like that

jessica-bones-winchester: “ nitsuki: “ Mark Sheppard @ Roman Holiday 2014 He’s so scared of the demon trap umbrella that later on in JIB whenever he saw that thing he tried to escape lol ” This.

[gifset] NerdHQ 2016

Jensen and Mark laughing until they cry at Jared’s pirate! You need to see the whole thing to really appreciate it: X