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A Guide to Body Language — aguidetodeduction: Suggested by AC it's almost funny, I can easily recreate an "eye smile" and I'm not an actor, although I've considered it

A Guide to Deduction

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A Guide To Manipulation: #21

In a series of studies, scientists discovered that holding heavier objects made men think more seriously about things, which in turn made them more likely to donate money to charity if asked. Men holding lighter objects were less likely to donate to.

A Guide to Deduction: #41-I love these things

“How to tell if a person is attracted to you by body language.” Suggested by Ellie Uvaquaa

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A Guide To Deduction People who dance ballet may hold their hand with their middle finger slightly bent.


A Guide to Deduction: If a person has a colour themed or co-ordinated clothes, any aspect of appearance that doesn't match is suspicious.