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Miss Photogenic: Why your data needs a makeover - #Infographic / ttp://nextlevelinternetmarketing.com

Miss Photogenic: Why Your Data Needs A Makeover - #infographic

Data by its very nature is dry and unappetizing to us visually-drive human beings. Learn how data visualization can make it more palatable and meaningful, in above infographic which comes courtesy of Oracle.

When my friends tell me to play Witcher 3 - 9GAG

When my friends tell me to play Witcher 3

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman from the movie AMERICAN PSYCHO. What a movie and what a character he played!

"I always feel like I’m behind, trying to catch up to a group of super-elites who’ve been programming since they could walk." #Medium

On Technical Entitlement

It’s natural to be jealous of other people’s situations from time to time. As this video points out, though, if you’re mentally weighing your options while you’re trying to maintain a relationship, you might end up sabotaging it.

How Shopping Around While Dating Someone Can Sabotage Your Relationship

Top Ten Tips and Tricks for Terrific Tea “Tea is only second to water when it comes to beverage popularity—so popular that it’s consumed as much as coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol combined.