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Havana Brown

Havana Brown Origin: Siam (now Thailand) Colors: Brown or lilac (lavender) Size: Medium Coat Type(s): Shorthair Grooming: Little Talkativeness: Quiet Activity Level: Average Attention Requirement: High Overall: Moderately docile

Korats are a slate blue-grey short-haired breed of domestic cat with a small to medium build and a low percentage of body fat. Their bodies are semi-cobby, and surprisingly heavy for their size...Among Korats' distinguishing characteristics are their heart-shaped heads and large green eyes

This photo looks so much like our Chloe.Korat often mistaken for russian blue Cat Breeds

Won’t You Hug Me To Sleep Tonight? An incredibly innocent looking kitten with those “Please Hug Me” eyes. Want more? I look like Garfield don’t I? Probably the cuter version…for now that is…LOL! Hey People! I am 2 months old and I am in mama’s arms right now What a white angel of a cat… Isn’t she adorable? AWWW! Need we say more? I hear you go AWWWWWW! Hey Sweetie! What Are Ya Looking At? This fella is just too fluffy and cute! http://i.imgur.com/6diktO5.webm All For One And One For All! And…

"Familienzuwachs" (German for "Addition to the family") ~ "We got a new kitty. His name is Yoki & he's 14 wks old. Such a cute cuddly little boy. We love him so much! He's a Sacred Birman cat (blue point), not a Ragdoll!" Eingestellt von (Posted by

From the majestic jungle Jaguar down to the cute-as-a-button Kodkod, some of the world's most beautiful, rare and threatened wild cats call South America home.

Rio Meow: 9 Amazing Wild Cats Of South America - Page 3 of 3

Rio Meow: 9 Amazing Wild Cats Of South America - Page 3 of 3 - WebEcoist


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They just adjust

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