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Blondie Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry has always been one of my more bold beauty inspirations. There's definitely a little rocker in me.

Debbie In 1978 I started High School and Blondie was really starting to become an Icon. Growing up in Chicago, Ill U constantly had to E X P L A I N to my peers Debbie Harrys name was not Blondie, thery never understood. I still Love Blondie

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Wild Style – Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry" of Blondie . in distressed denim, which is another fashion trend from the heroin chic era in the Denim was already trending during the but heroin chic popularized distressed, faded, and ripped denim.

Are there any other huuuuge Blondie fans out there?? I not only love the music but I love Debbie Harry. She is just so… COOL. You know? Bad ass chick in a punk band with platinum hair!? She b…

Debbie Harry / Blondie

Deborah Ann "Debbie" Harry (born July is an American singer-songwriter and actress best known for being the lead singer of the punk rock and new wave band Blondie.

Style Stalking: Late 70's/Early 80's Debbie Harry

Style Stalking: Late 70's/Early 80's Debbie Harry

She looks like the Sunday comics She thinks she's Brenda Starr Her nose job is real atomic All she needs is an old knife scar