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coloured smoke

“cat l'orange” shared by Davey Warren on Stampsy — the best source for visual stories and inspiration


What an Atomic Bomb Explosion Looks Like from Above and Below

On November a 31 kiloton atomic bomb was dropped in the Nevada Test Site from a Tornado bomber. A camera in the air was documenting the test,

Floto + Warner (2289×1600)

Floto + Warner (2289×1600)

Christmas Powder by Ana-Maria Nedelea, via Behance aqua turquoise fairy tulle petticoat special effect photo coloured powder

Two-thirds cloud with secret smoke. Cold's been sold out or pawned off. It's playtime, the windows are shut. Cloud Girls' Source unknown. Content by Saucer 65.

Two-thirds cloud with secret smoke Content by Saucer

The abstract in nature , acrylic painting on canvas

Painting a semi abstract mountain painting with acrylics

The abstract in nature , acrylic painting on canvas, step by step painting tutorial on ARTiful, painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

Cotton candy clouds

Cotton candy clouds