Marilyn and Jane

Fashion: Eleven Vintage Style Icons Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. A-line dresses were popular in the as well as halter tops. You can also see the hourglass silhouette.

Marilyn Monroe Dress-Seven Year Itch-Wiggle Hallway Dress-Polka Dot Pinup--Custom Made to Size on Etsy, $210.00

Pinup Marilyn -Seven Year Itch- Wiggle Hallway Dress- Non-Stretch Polka Dot Pinup Custom Made to Size

Tony blew off Bucky's arm and unleashed the angry hurricane demon that lives deep within Steve Rogers

“people he counted as friends or allies” sorry I couldn’t hear you over Tony mercilessly beating and fully intending to hurt steve and his best friend while Steve was trying to disable him from fighting them anymore


I asked some of my friends if they would still be my friend if I was emo: out of all my friends, my best friend was the only one that said "We would grow apart quickly. STAY WHO YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS"

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Don’t worry, be happy (15 photos)

A great list of things to keep your children busy this summer. Add some of these items to your boredom buster list for your kids.

15 Procrastination-Beating Techniques to Boost Productivity (Infographic) |

15 Procrastination-Beating Techniques to Boost Productivity (Infographic)

15 Ways to Overcome Procrastination and Get Stuff Done (Infographic) - Assumes you want to not procrastinate, anyway. I've waited for two weeks to pin this one. Guess I better quit procrastinating, hahahahaha!

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