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Tricycle Acatère in the bicycle catalog from Acatère Velleda, Paul De Laet, Ghent, Belgium, late 19th century #Booktower
Price List from the Quinton Cycle Co., early 20th century, Coventry, England #Booktower
Motorcycle, two-cylinder, V. Antoine fils & C°, Liège, Belgium, 1906 #Booktower
Small Car from Dion-Bouton, ca. 1900, Brussels #Booktower
Leaflet for the Lu-Mi-Num cycles, 1897, J. Sternberg, Paris #Booktower
Advertising for Samson tires, early 20th century, Brussels #Booktower
Instructions for the driver "Bibliothèque du chauffer: Pricipes et Recettes", ca. 1900, Paris #Booktower
RV Green, Coventry, England, UK (Photo Angogram Ebay)
Richelieu-Automobiles, dealer in second-hand cars, Paris, 1907 #Booktower
Coventry was the birthplace of the British cycle industry and the city became heavily involved in the development of the British motor industry during the mid-1890s. This book covers the history of various companies and their products. It is suitable for those interested in motorcycle history and Coventry's industrial past.