Click to find out EXACTLY how Pixar turns a simple sketch into a stunning CGI scene. // From 'Brave'

Pixar's 'Brave': How One Frame Went from Sketch to Screen [EXCLUSIVE PICS]

Les Art Toys une collection de figurines pour les web designers et créatifs

Les Art Toys une collection de figurines pour les web designers et créatifs

There toys are monster and they are not scary like a real monster. i like it because the designer can make it look angry but the face and body still cute.

Topology ★ Find more at

The main use of this piece is the eye topology. It should help give me a way to make sure the eyes of my character stay defined from the face.

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We're kicking March off right with a great tutorial from Shaun Keenan where you'll learn how to create an advanced multi-character rig for Futurama's Bender. In this series, Shaun will show you how...

Maya Tutorial: Creating an Advanced Multi-Character Rig for Futurama’s Bender…

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Torn Cloth Tutorial from: gmp1993 on ZBC After some experimenting I finally figured out how to do it in Zbrush, and it looks pretty good. Quick overview of it is your using a weave pattern with Micro Mesh to Geo to get you torn fabric, but doing the whole model this way will create an insane amount of polys, so figured out how to just make the edges geo and the rest of the model using Micro Mesh during the BPR. I go into detail below.

Step by step tutorial on how to create cloth wrinkles as well as tears in the cloth.