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Vintage school bus illustration ad...first on/last off first through seventh grades...one hour one way...1957-1964

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School Bus-The bus I rode in Kindergarten & Grade had a large metal first aid box to the left of the driver. Our driver usually let one of us kids ride atop the box if we were good.

American school buss vs Indian School buss

The Indian school bus is somewhat different than other school buses.


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School Bus Beach Comber And 23 more on this site  https://mentertained.com/24-used-school-bus-conversions-youll-love/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=school+bus+fb&utm_campaign=fb+school+bus

School Bus Beach Comber - A simple suspension lift kit, oversize tires, and a new set of axles along with a steering kit are all the components necessary to turn your used schoolbus into this beach brawler.

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