Part 8

Oh, the Leo feels. The dragon's eyes flickered weakly. "You can't go," Leo pleaded. "You're the best thing I ever fixed.

Giving Up, Part 2/23

Love the Hades kids, although they have some of the most heart-wrenching stories in there.

Giving Up, Part 3/23

Percabeth and some Hades kids. Thank you Nico for giving Hazel a second chance.

Leo Valdez - heroes of olympus

Fanart The Heroes of Olympus Hazel Levesque Frank Zhang Heroes of Olympus HoO

Giving Up, 20/23

Nothing left to say - Imagine Dragons<<<I love that song and I've been waiting for something with those lyrics forever! This just gave me major feels tho.

Part 11

I wish I could hug you right now And nostalgic Percabeth, Annabeth probably thinking about Luke. Oh Luke, did you HAVE to die?

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Come on, make the Archimedes sphere work already, save Hazel and Frank! Wouldn't have expected anything less from Nemesis, I mean come on.