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I won't fund violence, rate or murder. That's why I am vegan.

Deconstructing Dairy Myth. The industry says cow’s milk, cheese, butter, ice cream are natural, but use unnatural practices. 1)using constraining device for artificial insemination? 2) manipulating reproductive systems to produce 9 times more milk than bodies designed for? 3)inserting spiked nose ring in calve to prevent from suckling mother? 4) consuming breast milk of another species into adulthood, when animal’s offspring weaned by year one? 5)dairy when most people can’t tolerate it?

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If dairy is so "natural," then why does the dairy industry have to use such extremely unnatural cruel practices? Cows are naturally not milking machines for humans who DON"T NEED milk meant for baby calves.

Have a heart, that never hardens and a temper that never tires and a touch that never hurts ~ ♥ Charles Dickens ♥ ~

Veganism is not a fringe philosophy – it's a moral baseline that's consistent with beliefs that most of us already hold. Veganism's a simple matter of refraining from participating in unnecessary, harmful use of sentient beings. As most people are naturally opposed to unnecessary violence, becoming + staying vegan is not a matter of changing any of our basic moral beliefs. It simply requires us to be willing to change habits we've developed that prevent us from living according to our…

“If a man earnestly seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food.

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Megan here's your mini cows! Ten Miniature Cattle Breeds for your Small Farm