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Animal Liberation Front

Animal Liberation Front

Monsanto Hates This - 4/26/13

Monsanto Hates This

Monsanto is evil! GMO's are the new Andromeda Strain!

The earth is large enough for all to share but mankind's heart is not large enough to care. | A.D. Williams

Quote by A. Williams, (Putting a harmless fluorescent stain on elephants ivory tusks could well stop poaching of these magnificent animals).

"Love is liberation." thank you liberators, i'm glad people like you do what you do!

"Love is liberation." thank you liberators, i'm glad people like you do what you…

- ̗̀ @lia_bby ̖́ -

jetvein: “memories not included [ig] ”


My thoughts exactly.

Image result for anti fur slogans

Image result for anti fur slogans

By any means necessary! Good morning. #vegan #govegan #alf #animalliberation #byanymeansnecessary #goodmorning #ethicalvegan

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Animal Liberation Front (ALF)

Honestly, I enjoy keeping this information to myself :)

6 Cruelty Free And Vegan Sunscreen For Healthy Skin This Summer!

Does Bacon Cause Cancer? Food for thought! People are more scared of terrorists than the bacon they eat.

"Hasta La Victoria Siempre - Vegan Revolution"

Sheep Guevera :: Vegan Revolution T-Shirt

vegan-art:  by Stuart Hampton

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Inspired By Compassion, Powered By Plants.



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Hypocrisy: Demanding that the government stay out of your bedroom and your womb while simultaneously demanding they pay for your birth control and abortions. - Yes, the government pays for abortion via Medicaid